April 15, 2009

CL 08-09: FC Porto v Man. United Preview and Live score, streaming

The second leg match between FC Porto and Man. United will be kicked off at 20:45 (CET). And this is the home match of the Porto at Venue: Estádio do Dragão - Porto – Portugal. Portugal giant FC Porto English leader Man. United and their second leg mach is similar important now because the first leg match resulted down so he second leg match will indicate who will be the qualified for the semi final.


Quarter-finals: Porto v Man. United

Date and Time: 15 April 2009 20:45 (CET) –

Venue: Estádio do Dragão - Porto - Portugal

Result of First leg: 2 – 2


Among the English football Clubs Man. United is the second highest Uefa Champions League title holders. And Liverpool is the on top how kicked out from the tournament yesterday along with Chelsea scoring 5-7 and other semi finalist is Barcelona who beat Bayern. So, it is a big challenge for the English FC Man. United similar for the Portuguese FC Porto.


Man. United kept the match drawn scoring 2-2 and that was the home match for the English FC but second leg match will be hold on FC Porto’s home ground Estádio do Dragão. So this is very important for the both teams and has to show strong performance from the both side.


Man. United had to satisfy in their home match just for drawn when FC Port’s preformed confidently if they can continue it then it will be dangerous for the English giant. It can say easily that all the teams will play very positive match in the home ground and FC Porto is stepping a head.


This is a big pressure for Man. United but confident to take on the series lead. Sir Alex said: "We were disappointed in losing the last-minute goal [by Mariano] in the last game. That has given a definite edge to Porto but we are capable of turning that around. It is not as if we are going here without a big chance. We have to remember the places we have been in the past, like Juventus, when we drew at home and won away."


I mentioned that Portuguese superb FC Porto is taking the match very seriously because they are going to take on the best European Football Club at their home ground.


Jesualdo Ferreira: "I said before the game in Manchester that we were very confident and wanted to produce a good performance. We have the same level of confidence a week later." The Portuguese titleholders attacked United with a boldness seldom shown by visitors to Old Trafford and Ferreira promised more of the same. "We don't know how to play in a different way," he said. "This team can never change its identity."


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