April 15, 2009

Chelsea and Barcelona in Semi-final UCL 2008-09

Chelsea and Barcelona have confirmed their position in the Semi-finals of the UCL 2008-09. With the second leg matches both the teams have straggled hard to go thorough the final. But the six times champion of CL have been kicked out for the running season and other German Club has Bayern beat to the Spanish club and most time winner Barcelona.


Liverpool, one of the strongest English Football Club who is leading the second positing of the English Premier League and Chelsea is the 3rd position holders just 3 point back has beat Liverpool in the UEFA Champion League 2008-09 for 5-7. The two matches of them were nail-beating completion to them. In the first-leg match Chelsea was a head by scoring goals1-3 that was held on last week. In spite of draw in the 2nd leg match Liver has been kicked out from the tournament this year.


The 2nd leg match was very competitive and the fans of both English Football Clubs enjoyed most. Liverpool has a very good record in this gourd where they drew more tournaments as an example I want to use the Champions League 2005 when the beat AC Milan and scored 3 goals just six minutes.


Other Semi-final qualified team is Barcelona that beat German Football Giant Bayern scoring 5-1. In the fist led mach Barcelona pushed 4 goals but none from the oppositions Bayern. But the second league match come to result in 1-1 and the total result is Barcelona won the match for 5-1 and will play the semi-final matches.


Argentina’s forward player Lionel Messi who played on the side of Top Spanish Football Club Barcelona, has come the top position after achieving 8 points after the Quarter-finals of Uefa Champion League.


Here is vital similarities in all the quarter-finals and drew my attention that Villarreal and Arsenal scored 1-1 and Man. United and Porto 2-2. Both results came in drawn. It is not fixed yet who will be the play which team in the semi-final?