October 18, 2008

Taree Zameen Par, Aamir Khan, Darsheel and reviews of a fan

Aamir Khan is one of top actors in Bollywood industry. Many of his films impressed Boolywood moviegoers. Similarly, his first directorial Taree Zameen Par impressed the audience.

The movie is set on a psychological problem of a school-going child. The movie highlights the problems that this school-going child faces in his studies. These problems are shown very clearly in the movie.

Darsheel Safary plays the role of the school child in the movie. Darsheel Safary depicted the role of the school going child excellently with his outstanding performance and you can feel the reality in his acting.

Children are taught in different schools, but weak students are sometimes looked down upon and are not provided with needed guidance. Sometimes, schools do not want to understand the problems of the weak students and this affects their progress in studies.

However, this movie shows that it is possible to solve these accelerate their progress by identifying their problems. The picture Taree Zameen Par portrays reflects the reality. Aamir Khan is seen in the role of the teacher who solves the problems of the child.

The movie tells us that it is needed to keep our eyes open regarding the psychological problems of the children and this will be conducive for their progress. The central character of the movie is the child who suffers from learning disorder and he is shown as a weak student who has problem in learning. Darsheel depicted the role excellently with his acting talent.