October 10, 2008

England vs Kazakhstan World Cup 2010 Qualifying Live on BBC Radio Five Live

England is going to face 120-ranked Kazakhstan on 11 October 2008 (at 17:15 BST) in a world cup qualifying match of Group Six. This may not be a high profile clash in terms of the strength of the two teams. However, in many ways, it is a very important match for both teams. Let us first start with England team.

First of all, this is going to be England’s first home match in world cup qualifying round after last month’s two away schedules in Barcelona where England defeated Andorra 2-0 and in Zagreb where they defeated Croatia 4-1. Now, it is time to impress the home fans at Wembley stadium. England players need to show what they are capable of doing before their home fans who booed off England players after last month’s 2-2 draw against Czech Republic in a friendly match at the Wembley stadium. So, England fans are eagerly waiting to see their players continue their implacable form that demolished Croatia. On the other hand, England players are also looking forward to impress the home fans as this is going to be England’s last home match of 2008.

For Kazakhstan, it is a very hard match, because they are going to face England in England. Kazakhstan could earn only three points from three matches so far in world cup qualifying campaign. So, at least a draw in the match will be considered as a victory for Kazakhstan. The visiting team will go into the match knowing the fact that they have nothing to lose in the match, but has everything to win in the way. So, Kazakhstan might appear with spirited form against England. So, there are a number of reasons this match will attract the football fans from around the world.

All of the tickets for the match between England and Kazakhstan have been sold out and perhaps for the first time, there will be sold-out crowd at Wembley stadium. In my earlier entry, I wrote about television coverage of the match. British television channel ITV will show the match live for the British football fans. However, if you are not fortunate enough to attend the match in the stadium or manager your time to watch the live action of the match, then you can carry your little pocket radio to enjoy the live commentary of the match on BBC Radio Five Live radio channel. So, I hope you will at least enjoy the commentary of the match on BBC radio five live, if you can not manage to go to the stadium or stick to your television channel.