October 5, 2008

Arsenal Had a 1-1 Draw against Sunderland

The match took place at the stadium of light on 4 October 2008. It was a match that surprised many people. Many of Arsenal fans expected that it would be an easy win for the club. They had this kind of expectations after seeing that Arsenal demolished FC Porto in Europe in midweek. So, hardly any fan could think that Arsenal would be lucky just to draw the match. In fact, in the 92nd minute, Cesc Fabregas provided the equalizer for the London club. Before that Sunderland took a lead. I saw the match and I like to say that none of the touring team could dominate in the match. This draw should inspire the fans of Sunderland and players too.

Well, this is a bad result for Arsenal because they will fall down further in the league table. In internet, I could see that whether it is the end of title hope for the London club. I do not think so because it is very early in the league and only 7 matches have been played by Arsenal. So, it is not the right time to jump to any conclusion. Before the start of the season, some people thought that Europe would have been more difficult for Arsenal than English premier league. Now, EPL is becoming more difficult than Europe.

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