September 12, 2008

Yahoo Looking to Outpace Google in Mobile Phone Market

Yahoo and Google have rivalry in online search engine service. Google is way ahead of Yahoo in terms of market share of online search. Looking for compensate, Yahoo is now focusing on growing in mobile phone market. Mobile phone market is still in its infancy when it comes to using internet through mobile phone. Millions of people are yet to use internet through mobile phone across the world. So, it is a potential market to invest and Yahoo has done the right thing by attempting to focus on mobile phone market.

Yahoo now eyes on expansion in mobile phone market. The company looks to build a social communications service for the iPhone and different development platform for the developers. The company will also expand a developing language through which developers will build applications for mobile phone users. Yahoo already created a language called Blueprint and Yahoo needed five years to develop it. Now, using Blueprint, developers are capable of creating applications and Web sites.

Yahoo is being used as the default search engine in AT&T’s Media Net portal and its one search service allows users to access to news, weather updates, Flickr photos and online information from Media Net portal.

Sfgate reported:

Yahoo's moves are intended to keep pace with and exceed archrival Google. Google is developing its own mobile operating system called Android, which make its first appearance later this year with T-Mobile.

The online search leader also is reportedly close to securing a deal with Verizon Wireless to be its primary Web search provider. And it continues to offer mobile applications for a wide variety of mobile phone platforms, including a search tool made for BlackBerry phones, which was announced Wednesday.

Yahoo has taken a smart decision by deciding to focus on mobile search market, which is flourishing day by day and will continue for a number of years. Now, let us see if Yahoo can outpace Google in mobile phone search market.