September 28, 2008

Director Goldie Behl Talks about the Movie ‘Drona’

Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra starrer Drona will hit the screen next Thursday (2 October 2008). Bollywood moviegoers are eagerly waiting for the release of this big-budget Eid flick. Recently, director Goldie Behl said that Drona falls into the Harry Potter/Indiana Jones category. The director also compared Drona with Spiderman and Superman, claiming that the film features a hyper-real world. In fact, he talks about different issues about the movie Drona in an interview recently. Here, I am quoting few lines from the interview:

You have said Drona belongs to the Harry Potter/Indiana Jones category. What is it about those films that you find in yours?
The hyper-real environment in these films is what you would find similar in my film. The locations in my film are real, though the events are fictional. Compared to superhero films like Spiderman and Superman, Drona is much more intense and serious. I guess it’s like drama versus candyfloss. There is a strong sense of family legacy and bloodlines, which Indians take very seriously.

You have shot down comparisons with Krrish and Love Story 2050. What is “different” about Drona?
My film is not set in the past or future, so in that sense it is different. Drona is completely rooted in Indian myths and legends. It’s a fictional take on it. It’s in a hyper-real world. So it’s exciting, kind of like a graphic novel.

Goldie Behl said that he would be more prepared before getting into the sequel of Drona. Being asked if there is anything about Drona that he had not revealed yet, he said that the movie is highly emotional with innocence and a soul.