September 20, 2008

Daler Mehndi: Highest Paid Singer in Bollywood

Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi has become the highest paid singer in Bollywood’s music industry as the singer is now demanding Rs. 5 lakhs for a song in a movie. Daler Mehndi has justified the hike saying that he has 90% hit ratio in movie songs and irrespective of the film doing well in the box office or not, his songs gets hit among the moviegoers. He has also added that when a movie gets huge musical hit, the signer never gets the part of the financial success.

Real Bollywood reported:

“I have a 90% hit ratio where film songs are concerned. Irrespective of the film becoming a hit or not most of my songs have become extremely popular with the masses as well as the classes. I have realized when a film becomes a huge musical hit, the singers, especially very popular singers like me are never passed on the benefit for the same. Plus I want to create a niche market for myself. I don’t want to sing for any film that comes my way. I would love to work with only those big filmmakers who can afford my price. But looking at the kind of offers I am getting nowadays I don’t think so my big price is being a hurdle at all!”

Hardly any singer is now demanding money at the range of Rs. 5 lakhs in Bollywood. Sonu Nigam is currently asked Rs 2 lakh per song in the industry, while other popular sings like Shaan and KK are getting 25-40 thousand rupees per song. No doubt, investment in Bollywood has been increasing extensively and many big banners production houses are emerging in India. So, it is pretty sure that there are people who can really afford to invite singers like Daler Mehndi.