September 11, 2008

Bollywood Movie ‘Ru Ba Ru’ Inspired by Hollywood Movie ‘If Only’Reports out in the media suggest Randeep Hooda and Sahana Goswami starrer, Ru Ba Ru, i

Reports out in the media suggest Randeep Hooda and Sahana Goswami starrer, Ru Ba Ru, is inspired by Hollywood film If Only, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls. Recently the promos of the movie was released and it is pretty clear that Ru Ba Ru is inspired by 2004 Hollywood film If Only, directed by Gil Junger. The story of the movie Ru Ba Ru has striking similarities with the story of If Only.

When asked if Ru Ba Ru was inspired by If Only, Randeep did not give a direct answer like Yes or No. According to Hooda, there is nothing like an original thought and every film is inspired by another film. However, he asked all to wait until the release of the movie before taking anything for granted.

Real Bollywood reported:

Smiles Randeep, “Well, let me just say that wait and watch for the film to arrive this Friday. Till then let the speculations go on. In any case, I don’t think that there is anything like an original thought. After all, every film is inspired in some way or other. There have been films around ‘before and after’ aspect of life and there will be more films like those in future too. So why point only at ‘Ru-Ba-Ru‘?”

Ranbeep says his performance in the movie is intense, but the intensity of the movie is expressed through romance, not through action scenes like he did in his previous action thrillers like ‘D’ and ‘Risk’. Hooda believes that romance can be intense too. Randeep Hooda plays the role of an ambitious owner of an advertising agency who has love interest with a theater actress, played by Sahana Goswami.