August 24, 2008

USA vs Spain Basketball final Live Score and timetable

USA has proved again that there is none similar in Basketball. Spain and United State is going to meet to secure the Gold Medal in the closing Ceremony day of Olympics 2008. We can not say that Spain is week team. In the preliminary round USA beat Spain 82-119 points. This is the most positive for USA Basketball team to secure the Gold Medal.

In the semifinal Unites State defeated Argentina 101-81. US is leading the top position in the Medal standing list with highest total 107 of 34 Gold 37 Bronze and 36 Silver. Everyone is thinking that from Men’s Basketball they will get Gold and will move ahead.

Spain defeated to US seriously in the group round match. So they will try to take revenge in the final match in the Olympics 2008.

The match will be held at 14:30 Local time (CST). So it is a very bad time for US people. For US people it will be midnight.