August 19, 2008

Argentina-Nigeira in Olympics Football Final

In the first semi final between Nigeria vs Belgium, Nigeria beat Belgium 4-0 and in the other match of Semi Final Argentina vs Brazil, Argentina beat seriously the world champions Brazil 3-0. So it is clear that the Final of Olympics Football will be very competitive.

Both the semi-final was very aggressive and full of miss shot. Without these mistakes all the momentum of the match was eye catching. All the fans who was in the playground and was watching the match sitting in their dwelling house and in the working place. I think Nigerian are very happy to play in the final. Their next challenge will be to secure the Gold in Olympics.

As opposite team, Argentina will face Nigeria in the final. Argentina already has overcome one challenge. They beat the arch rival Brazil seriously that none could think. Similarly, the second semi final was also full disappointment. The stickers of Brazil team failed to use the some unlock opportunities. Although Argentina missed some opportunity but as a result they pushed 3 goals in to the opposite goalpost and confirmed to play in the final of the Olympic Football final.

Now the teams that will play final are not less important than each other because both the team acquired Gold medal form the Olympic platform.