June 6, 2008

UEFA EURO 2008 on Live Mobile TV

To watch UEFA Euro final Germany vs Spain live score visit the link below:


Europe / US : Mobixell Networks announce that its latest platform offering with leading Swiss mobile operator, Swisscom, has gone live.

It will see Swisscom deliver the highest quality live video and audio streaming possible with low bandwidth conditions (GPRS) to its customers - in time for the anticipated surge in demand around the UEFA EURO 2008(TM) and the Olympics.

Using Mobixell's Mobile Webcast(TM) solution, Swisscom can deliver real-time Mobile TV and Video on Demand to ensure a sustained connection even when the network reaches capacity or reception quality deteriorates.

Mobixell's Mobile Webcast solution performs real-time adaptation, so that irrespective of the handset device being used or variable wireless network conditions, the user experience is always optimised. In addition to providing continuous streaming, despite network or reception limitations, it also has the ability to reduce the stall duration when the user hands-off from a high-bit rate connection (e.g. UMTS) to a low bit-rate (e.g. EDGE or GPRS) connection. Mobile Webcast facilitates introducing new video services, from Video on Demand and live channels through to Internet video, simply and at optimal quality.

As well as enhancing the customer experience, Mobile Webcast also opens up the opportunity for mobile advertising as ads and branding can be added to the video streams. Recent research from Jupiter has estimated that mobile internet advertising revenues in Europe will grow to EUR 1.3billion in 2012, and mobile video is seen to be the second highest contributor to this.

Swisscom's spokesperson Christian Neuhaus said, "Major sporting events, such as the UEFA EURO 2008(TM), typically require dealing with peaks of cellular traffic as high volumes of people gather in one area, all using their phones for a variety of different services. Swisscom recognises the importance of providing its customers with the best service quality possible, and by working with Mobixell, has ensured that this will remain the case during June's European football tournament and the Olympics.

"In addition to the benefits continuous streaming offers Swisscom customers, it also holds an excellent business case for Mobixell itself," Christian Neuhaus continued. "Statistically, when a user gets cut off while using a mobile video service more than once or twice, they will not continue to use it. Mobixell's continuous efforts will help provide our customers the best Mobile TV experience possible."

Amir Aharoni, CEO of Mobixell stated, "We are delighted that an innovative operator such as Swisscom, who is recognised as having extremely high standards, particularly around the issue of quality, has selected Mobixell to provide this continued streaming service to its customers. The Mobixell scalable solution can easily support the required concurrent sessions so we are confident that Swisscom's subscribers will be able to enjoy the best experience of Mobile TV and Video on Demand at this year's UEFA EURO 2008(TM)."

Live Mobile TV Infrastructure for UEFA EURO 2008