June 20, 2008

Croatia vs Turkey quarter-final reviews, online Live score

The second quarter-final of UEFA Euro 2008, is going to take place between Croatia vs Turkey at Ernst Happel, Vienna. Croatia is the champion of the Group B and Turkey is the runners-up of the Group A. From the first Quarter-final, Germany has acquired to play in the semi-final by beating favorite Portugal. In the semi-final Germany will be meet with that team who will get win between the match Croatia vs Turkey. The match will be grounded at the 20:45 (local time) on Friday, June 20, 2008.

Croatia vs Turkey 2nd quarter-final: review of the previous matches:

Turkey is the runners-up of the Group A. During the qualification round, Turkey secured two successive win and beat by Portugal. They beat the co-host Switzerland 2-1 and Czech Republic 3-2 goals. It is proving that Turkey is not a weak team of Group A of Euro 2008.

Croatia vs Turkey 2nd quarter-final: Squad list of Turkey for Quarter-Final:


1 Reçber Rüştü, 12 Tolga Zengin, 23 Volkan Demirel,


2 Servet Çetin, 4 Gökhan Zan, 13 Emre Güngör, 15 Emre Aşık, 20 Sabri Sarıoğlu, 22 Hamit Altıntop


3 Hakan Balta, 5 Emre Belözoğlu, 6 Mehmet Topal, 7 Mehmet Aurélio, 10 Gökdeniz Karadeniz, 11 Tümer Metin, 14 Arda Turan, 16 Uğur Boral, 17 Tuncay Şanlı, 19 Ayhan Akman,


8 Nihat Kahveci, 9 Semih Şentürk, 18 Kazım Kazım, 21 Mevlüt Erdinç

Croatia vs Turkey 2nd quarter-final: injuries and getting cards:

A lot of players on the side of Turkey are in serous injury. Some of the players, who did not play and fit for the next quarter-final against Croatia, are fit for the next match. Although someone considers about Arda and Volkan are consistent stars but it is defense of Turkey is not strong enough to protect the stronger Croatia.

Croatia vs Turkey 2nd quarter-final: who will win?

As Turkey has achieved the qualification for the quarter-final by beating to strong teams, so we cannot say that it is a weak team but they have to face the strongest Croatia. Important thing is that Croatia beat some of the strongest teams in the eliminating round like most powerful England.

Croatia vs Turkey 2nd quarter-final: Squad list of Croatia for Quarter-Final


1 Stipe Pletikosa, 12 Mario Galinović, 23 Vedran Runje


2 Dario Šimić, 3 Josip Šimunić, 4 Robert Kovač, 5 Vedran Ćorluka, 6 Hrvoje Vejić, 13 Nikola Pokrivač, 15 Dario Knežević


7 Ivan Rakitić, 8 Ognjen Vukojević, 10 Niko Kovač, 11 Darijo Srna, 14 Luka Modrić, 16 Jerko Leko, 19 Niko Kranjčar, 22 Danijel Pranjić,


9 Nikola Kalinić, 17 Ivan Klasnić, 18 Ivica Olić, 20 Igor Budan, 21 Mladen Petrić

Croatia vs Turkey 2nd quarter-final: review of the previous matches of Croatia team

Croatia is considered as the strongest team, have very good records that are the most powerful area of the team. Controlling showdown during first eliminating round and achieves the qualification to play in the quarter-final of Euro 2008 with full points. It has beaten Austria, Germany and Poland. So among the two teams Croatia has more positive movement. They have got crucial win in both time eliminating round and qualification round.

Croatia vs Turkey: Online Live Score and Updates

The fans of both sides are now eagerly waiting for this match and might be planning to watch the match on television, except those who are going to the stadium to enjoy the match. However, still some of you might not be able to watch the match on television due to personal or professional works. However, you can get the online live score and updates of the match from different live score websites. Here, I am giving some links of some of the online live score websites:

Live Score


Euro 2008



Sky Sports

Live Score.cz

Croatia might seem to be a bit ahead of Turkey considering their hundred percent winning record in the group stage. However, taking Turkey’s superb comebacks in the last two group matches into account, I think, Turkey has the ability to defeat Croatia in the match. So, to be honest, I do not see any favorite team for this match, as both the teams have some strong sides that would help them in the quarter final. The question lies here is that if the two sides will be able to continue their impressive form in the quarter final as well. The answer will make the difference between the two teams in the match. However, one thing is for sure that both sides know it very well that a semi final berth would take them very close to winning the title of Euro 2008. So, don’t you think that an excellent match is waiting there at the Ernst Happel, Vienna in Austria?