May 29, 2008

IPL T20 Semi-Final Live and analysis

The popularity of cricket is increasing day by day. That is why ICC has inaugurated T20 match. Now, India BCCI has also inaugurated Indian formatted IPLT20. In the tournament 8 teams took parts. Four teams have been eliminated after the qualification round and rest four teams are going to play Semi-final on 30 May and 31 May.

The cricket fans are waiting to watch the matches in different platforms such as live TV, Live video streaming, live on mobile, online live, bally by ball commentary, text commentary, and 3D display and radio commentary also flash scoreboard.

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You will get some websites about cricket that will help to know the score of the tournament and after the tournament in detailed.

1st and 2nd semi-final of IPL T20 and timetables

The four teams have made sure to lead the semifinal of the twenty20 formatted Indian Premier League (IPL T20). All the teams fight each other heart and soul. Both the semifinals will be taken place on 30 and 31 May 2008. The final match of the inaugural IPLT20 will be held on 1 June 2008. With the 1 June Final match the Indian Premier League will be finished for this year.

Rajasthan Royals is the team will play the 1st semi-final on the opponent of Delhi Daredevils. RR is leading the point table on the other hand DD is on the fourth position. The match will be taken place on 20:00 (IST) local time and 14:30 GMT at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Rajasthan Royals is one of the strongest team among the four teams which is going to play semi-final. It has acquired more than 11 victories and Delhi Daredevils has got 7 victories and one drawn. The total point has come 15. In time it seems that DD would kick out from the tournament. Mumbai Indians’ defeat made sure to and threw them semi-final. The first semi-final between Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Daredevils on 30 May 2008 will ensure who will play in the final of IPLT20.

Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings will struggle each other on 31 May 2008. The local time of the 2nd semi-final is 20:00 (IST) and GMT 14:30. Who will play the final on 1 June from the two teams? The 2nd semi-final will be taken place at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Kings XI Punjab has secured more than 9 wins and 18 point. These points threw them in the second position of the Points Table. The opposite team of the Kings XI Punjab is Chennai Super Kings who has come to the top fourth position by beating Deccan Chargers. But they were full pressure and also full of uncertainty.

Who will win in the IPL T20 1st semi-final?

The 1st semi-final between will be more competitive at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Both the teams is strong enough to beat each other. Although everyone analyze the previous results what they did in the previous matches but cricket is full of uncertain. Now it is difficult to say what the result would come or who will win?

1st semi-final will be taken place on 30 May 2008 at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai between Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Daredevils. Rajasthan Royals is the lowest bid team among the teams of Indian Premier League Twenty20 (IPLT20) tournament but they showed the best presentation in the tournament. They just lost 3 among the 14 matches. Although they lost in the three, including the last match but fought like a hero.

Rajasthan Royals Captain, the world famous spinner is leading the team as a foreign captain in the IPLT20 inaugural tournament. He is playing two roles (coach and captain) for Rajasthan Royals Teams. His accomplished movements both field and out of field making crazy anyone. During the fielding time, it seems he is inspiring all the players behind them even when he spending time sitting by the pavilion. I think audiences are observing it with an enthusiastic eye.

We cannot neglect Delhi Daredevils as a poor effort team for the semifinal of IPLT20. The team did well in the first time but day after day it goes down. It can beat any team anytime. So it will not be proper act to evaluate as a weak team. Virender Sehwag is one of the efficient T20 players. During the inaugural Twenty20 world championship tournament he played an important role. Even some the experienced player like Gautam Gambhir, Dinesh Karthik, Farveez Maharoof and Shoaib Malik.

Everyone learns form one’s faults. Why not Delhi Daredevils? Gautam Gambhir is the second highest total runs holder in the Indian Premier League and V Seheag is holding the 7th positions of the record chat.

Many record holders are playing in Rajasthan Royals too. GC Smith, Sohail Tanvir, Shane Warne is also the record holders in its own fields.

Who will win in the IPL T20 2nd semi-final?

Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab ensure to lead the IPLT20 semi-final. The teams will take part in the 2nd semi-final on 31 May at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Both the teams are so strong that it will be difficult to assume who will play in the final match of the IPL T20 tournament.

Kings XI Punjab is accelerating themselves from the first time although got defeat in the 3 matches in the qualified round. They also beat the top score holder Rajasthan Royals of the tournament. Captain Yuvraj Singh is the hard-hitter batsman in the world. He secured the most six hitter in an over. In the last match of the IPLT20 tournament of robin round league he also hits 3 sixes in an over in a row. Driving on the batsmen rush Kings XI Punjab cashed a record of 222 runs. Personally he scored 49 runs from 16balls in that innings. Shaun Marsh is also a highlighted the batting side of Punjab. He is the most highest total runs record holders and also fourth individual High scores of the tournament. He secured High scores urns from 53 balls with 11 fours and 7 sixes.

The Bowling side of the team is very steady with some powerful bowlers. IK Pathan, S Sreesanth, JR Hopes and new comer PP Chawla is also dominating the batsmen well.

MS Dhoni the Indian ODI and T20 captain it leading the Chennai Super Kings team. Although the team is well decorated with some famous bowlers and batsmen but moving like a motionless vehicle. It seems that the team could kick out from the tournament but Mumbai Indian pathetic defeats awaken the hope to play IPLT20 semi-final.

The 2nd Semi-Final of IPL will be more attractive than 1st Semifinal because both the team is strong enough. If you observe the qualified round then you can see that Chennai Super Kings beat King XI Punjab. So it is the most positive side for most losing team Chennai Super Kings. By winning just 8 matches CSK has come to lead semi-final on the other hand KXP get 10 victories in the first round. CSK is mentally strong that they beat all times KXIP on the opposite side Kings XI Punjab got more wins except Chennai Super Kings.

Will Delhi Daredevils play the Semi-Final?

Delhi Daredevils is leading the 3rd position of the Points Table. After finishing the first round it has secured just 15 points. Now they are in high mental pressure to play semi-final. Although they are in the third position but the other three tams is still on sanding. Anything can happen anytime. Three teams are fighting for the 3rd and forth position. They are Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils.

Although Kolkata Knight Riders is in the 5th position but they lost their hope to play in the Semi-Final of IPL T20. It already has played the selected 14 matches of the first round.

Now question is the can Delhi Daredevils secure the quality to play the Simi-Final of Indian Premier League? The answer is difficult but it is possible if Mumbai Indian gets defeat two matches and other possibilities is if Chennai Super Kings gets defeat of its remain two matches.

The possibilities are not the right measurement but everything could happen in a short time. So the rest matches will be more exciting for all the teams especially who are fighting for the 3rd and 4th position of the Indian Premier League Semi-Final. It is difficult for Delhi Daredevils because it has acquired a poor Net RR that could sent them back.

Will Chennai Super Kings lead in Semi-Final?

Chennai Super Kings is one of the expensive teams among the IPL T20 tournament. Although the team was in the top position of the Point Table in the first time but now it is becoming difficult to lead the semi-final of Indian Premier League. Now it is leading the 4th position.

Chennai Super Kings has taken part in the 13 match out of 14 in the first round of the IPL T20 tournament and get 7 victories and secured 14 points. If they loose the last match then they will kick out form the tournament so not way except victory even drawn. If they make drawn then the point will come to equal with Delhi Daredevils. But he NRR is not stronger than DD. So, no way gets victory.

Mumbai Indians has been kick out form the Semi-Final

At last Mumbai Indians has kick out form the Semi-Final. With an exciting victory Rajasthan Royals defeated Mumbai Indians in the 13th match of Mumbai Indians. Only one match has left of MI. But this defeat destroys all the hopes to play in the semi-final. Now, there is no bound to play semi-final for Delhi Daredevils.

Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI Punjab, Delhi Daredevils Chennai Super Kings will lead the Semi-Final

The four teams will lead the Semi-Final of Indian Premier league from 30 May 2008. The exciting match between Mumbai Indian and Rajasthan Royals, and the defeat of Mumbai Indian confirmed that which teams will play in Indian Premier League semifinal.

The teams who will lead IPL T20 Semifinal are

1. Rajasthan Royals

2. Kings XI Punjab

3. Chennai Super Kings

4. Delhi Daredevils

Three teams has got Confirmation to play IPLT20 Semifinal

Before three matches left it is roughly assume that who are going to lead the IPL T20 Semi-Final. Three teams have confirmed its position to play in the semifinal. Everyone has to wait for just one or two match.

When Rajasthan Royals beat Mumbai Indians, it opens the door of Delhi Daredevils to play in semifinal. Now, the match between Chennai Super Kings and Deccan Chargers could confirm the teams who are going to play in the semifinal. If Chennai Super Kings could win alongside DC then CSK is confirm to lead or the fans have to wait for the next match between Mumbai Indians and Bangalore Royal Challengers. If Chennai lost the match and Mumbai Indians won then MI will lead the semi-final. There is no way to play in semifinal for MI without victory.

Rajasthan Royals is leading the top of the Point table by acquiring 11 victories out of 13 and one match is still left. This is team that was bid in low price. But the combination of the players is superb. The team just lost 2 matches. In the first match against Mumbai Indians lost, by beating the second match it takes the revenge. The victory has grown the mental strength and makes MI rootless.

King XI Punjab is holding the second position of the point table (standings). This is another team that could not lead the team well in the first time. By the time being it has become well equipped in bowling, batting and fielding. This is an unbelievable improvement. The Punjab has one match left and will meet with the top team Rajasthan Royals. In the last match Punjab was beaten.

Delhi Daredevils is being leaded by V Shaweg. Although the team played better in the beginning of the tournament, but the finishing did not come well. It is leading the 3rd position but before the match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians, it was like a pendulum. Now it is confirm to lead semifinal.