April 4, 2008

Preity Zinta hit during the Mohali team Launch

On Monday, Preity Zinta accidently hit by an elbow during the IPL launch ceremony. Twenty20 hard hitter batsman Yuvraj Singh is the leader of the team. Actress Zinta is the co-owner of the Mohali Team. You all know the Indian Premier League will be taken place on 18 April. It is misty to her how did she hit?

NDTV reported "I don't know how it happened," Preity said. "But in the melee at the launch (Monday), an elbow came and hit me straight in the eye. I had to go through the event with a black eye wearing dark glasses." After the event, the actress spent the evening nursing her eye with ice packs. "It will swell a bit. I guess it's bound to happen when one is in such situations," she said.

The close viewer explained that somebody might be through something at Priety Zinta. One of her bodyguard tried to catch the thrown elements. At that time his elbow hit to Zinta’s eye.