March 1, 2008

Gilchrist talks on behalf of Mathew Hayden

Adam Gilchrist says that Matthew Hayden is the most honorable person of the Australian team yet, Cricket Australia having warning him for abusing Harbhajan Singh an ‘obnoxious weed’. Gilchrist said that the team was conscious to their behavior and concentrated to their playing of the CB series. He added more that we weren’t worry for saying it to Harbhajan Singh. According to my view, Matthew didn’t do such behavior to any player. We do not care what the other team’s thing about Matthew Hayden.

Gilchrist also included that before it Ricky Ponting told Harbhajan ‘off’ then he was suspected form an ODI match in Adelaide. But Ricky Ponting didn’t say like this words that was expressed in daily news paper.

This is the last international series for Gilchrist so he wants to enjoy the series. He is pleased because, he didn’t involved with any allege of ongoing controversial between Australia and India. Now, his sight is on the up coming two or three final matches between Australia and India. He is hopeful to do soothing well in the next final matches of his last ODI matches in his carrier.

Gilchrist said, “I think every body has a little repentance over it but all of us should try to focus to the finals and play some good cricket forgetting all incident of miss behaves to each other.” source Cricinfo