February 10, 2008

Corporate Bazar 2008: A short brief

Three days pervading a corporate exhibition (Corporate Bazaar) has been launched form today (9 February 2008) at Bangladesh-China Friendship Center in the capital Dhaka by the endeavor of aamra network Limited. The exhibition will be finished on 11 February 2008. This is the third time, aamra network Limited, a country leading corporate internet service provider, is organizing the Corporate Bazaar, where many kinds of corporate solution has been provided for corporate visitors. So, the exhibition is not for the common people. Actually the exhibition is for business related person or institute like business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, those who interested to business and so on. The exhibition will provide corporate solution, products and service offered for the business world.

Earlier of the day the exhibition is started through a seminar, where was present Sayed Faruque Ahmed, the chairman of aamra network Limited and employees of the company. Chairman of aamra network and other employees explained their service and products in their inaugural dialogue. After the chairman of aamra ltd inaugurated the exhibition.

Generally International qualified corporate consultations are provided in this corporate exhibition to country’s commercial institutions. This most privileged exhibition has been launched since last two years in Bangladesh. This kind of corporate Bazaar is very helpful for the various corporate companies for knowing about their service, goods and above all to publicity as well as for spreading. To increase brand image of any company goods or service the exhibition is very important.

So, if you have any want, you can visit the corporate Bazaar 2008 at Bangladesh-China Friendship Center, Dhaka.