February 3, 2007

Cricket world Cup ’07 and the Security system

The security system of World Cup Cricket ’07 will be very strong. Attorney General, Mr. Dale Marshall, discussed that more than these 400 trained police and military person would observe always.

Yahoo reported:

"Certainly we are happy to have the expert assistance of very well trained officers coming from abroad in areas of counter-terrorism activities. We want to have them available to us, but I want to assure you and the public that this is not in anyway a long term measure. The legislative arrangements would be sunset and so after Cricket World Cup they would fall away from the statute books," the Barbados Attorney-General explained as he addressed media officials at the conclusion of the tour of the airport.

He informed that the Region has already begun to reap dividends from the regional approach to law enforcement.

"The intelligence arrangements headed by Commander of Regional Forces, Colonel Antony Anderson, have already been paying off for the Region. Our intelligence networks have led to us being able to take pre-emptive action where there would have been very serious threats to the safety of Caribbean people. That has given us the encouragement that we needed to be sure that the Region was on the right track," said Mr. Marshall.

I am thinking about that will the security system effect in the fans of the world cup cricket?