February 10, 2007

Bangladeshis Proves his Honesty in NY

Many people lives in New York City in USA. Some are immigrant from different parts of the world. Among them one Bangladeshi named Osman Chowdhury showed his honesty. His honesty has made him an instant celebrity.

BBC reported:

Forty-one-year-old Mr Chowdhury - a Bangladeshi green card holder - was plying his trade as usual in Manhattan on Monday evening, when a female passenger boarded his cab at a midtown Hotel.
The passenger got off at an apartment building on 35th street. She paid $11 for the $10.70 fare. But she left a bag full of diamonds in the boot of the vehicle.

“I think it's beautiful to see both so much praise for Mr Choudhury, he richly deserves it

Bhairavi Desai, Executive Director of New York City Taxi Workers' AllianceWhen the next set of passengers tried to put their luggage in the boot, Mr Chowdhury found the bag.
But with the help of the New York City Taxi Workers' Alliance, a cabbies' advocacy group, the bag was opened to reveal around 30 diamond rings, neatly tucked into cases.
There were some loose diamond rings too. There was also a laptop and some bsiness papers. Next Mr Chowdhury, with the help of the taxi workers' alliance, had to contact the owner.
Eventually they found a Texas phone number in the bag, and after repeated calls they traced the mother of the bag's owner.
She in turn contacted her daughter, who came over to the alliance office and thanked Mr Chowdhury profusely.

Although he is poor, he had not temptation. It is a very good example of honesty. People will remember it long time.