February 10, 2007

1700-year-Old Ancient Buddhist Temple in Bogra

Bogra is the 170 km northwest of capital Dhaka. The district is famous for ancient history. Recently, around 1700-year-old ancient Buddhist temple has been discovered in "Bihar Dhap" area under Shibganj upazila in the district.

The Daily Star reported:

Earlier about 1500-year-old pre-Pal period Buddhist temple was excavated on the same premises.

The newly excavated Buddhist temple is more than 1700 years old, archaeology officials said, adding that the lower part of the temple was decorated with arched panels of terracotta and ornamental bricks.

A brick structure comprising some small rooms has also been discovered in the temple.

There are small steps leading to a lawn-like space that was possibly used for placing the statues of worship.

Abdul Khaleque, Rajshahi divisional regional director of Archaeology Department said the entire temple might emerge if the excavation work started early December last year runs properly.

Possibly this Buddhist temple was abandoned before construction of earlier discovered 1500-year-old pre-Pal period temple where more sophisticated terracotta and brick-built structures were found.

Mhasthan is also in Bogra. We can easily guess, in the view of historical importance it is famous.